Today We Moved A House – OUR HOUSE IS MOVED!

getting house ready to move
aprildawn and nate standing in front of where house use to be
aprildawn walking behind moving house
simon working hard
house crossing road
house going up hill
house almost in place
marvin caring beam for cribbing
side view of house
Cherokee grandma helping out
making cribbing for house to sit on
Daddy Said Get a photo of me holding the house up
Daddy Said “Get a photo of me holding the house up!”. HAHA love him! OUR HOUSE IS MOVED!!!

aprildawn and nate standing in front of their house in new spot
aprildawn and nate kissing in front of their house
our house is moved

It took us a few weekends to get the house back into moving condition; NOW, I am proud to tell you… OUR HOUSE IS MOVED!!  I cannot say enough how EXCITED I am!!

This was the most anxiety filled day of my life. I am not someone who has anxiety; I’ve never really experienced it before. But let me tell you, I now know exactly what it feels like. I was chugging lavender and chamomile tea all day and breathing like I was giving birth to this house. I even had to sit down in the grass a few times to keep myself from passing out as I watched our broken house bounce up the hill. All in all, I think I handled it pretty well.

There was one time in particular that I know there were angels keeping our house from rolling down the backside of the hill. The driver had to slam hard on the brakes as the house began dragging his truck down the hill leaving ditches in the ground from the tires trying to stay in one place. Both the house and truck slid backwards about 8 feet down the steepest part of our hill and then stopped abruptly. There is no other explanation than that there were Angels behind our house holding it in place. We had to get a large tractor to help the house and truck back up the hill to the foundation. I didn’t take any video of this part because it was my biggest sit down or pass out moment.

After the house was positioned just right over the foundation we had to put scotches under the wheels and cribbing under the house. We were all dancing around, laughing and breathing sighs of relief. We then ate lunch and came back out to just stare at the house all crying silently as we thanked God for giving Nate and me such an amazing house and story!

Now, no matter what we ever face in life, we can say from experience, “It’s not as hard as moving a house.”

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