Spring Water

We are fixing up one of the springs on my family’s property that they first tapped into in the 1830’s and then rehoused in the 1970’s. This is really exciting! I am so happy that we will have naturally cold spring water in our house. I love fresh spring water! We have to do this work at this point of the house remodel so that we can have running water to make the mortar needed to lay the foundation walls to set the house on—both securing and leveling it up.

With the temperature outside being so hot, it was nice to do this job after cleaning and moving blocks for DAYS in the scorching heat. The spring is under some nice tall thick trees; and once you get past all the spiders, (Nate HATES spiders so I had to clean the many hundreds of them out by myself. LOL) you can feel the coolness coming from the water as you stand beside the spring while the roof is off. A perfect job for hot weather!

After Nate and I got a new roof on the spring house, Nate and my dad dug a ditch from the spring up to our house and then laid a pipeline for the water. This was a hard job because they had to go across a little stream, which was made by both our spring and a nearby pond, then up the backside of our tall steep hill. The little Snapchat filmed video I have below shows the ditch going the up the hill, you can see our house peeking out at the tippy-top.