Sparks and Beams

Moving day is getting closer and closer!!  Seeing the huge beams around the house is making it feel more real!

We are borrowing the beams we will be using to jack up and move the house from my Great Uncle.  These are some more great recycled items we are using since all of the beams have been saved from other projects where people were just going to trash them.

As you can see in the photos above, Nate and my Dad are having to cut and weld them so that they can be bolted together once they are under the house.  Also, there are really large wheels we will be attaching to the beams once we are ready to move.  You will get to see that whole process in my next post.

I love taking photos of them welding!  To me, every photo is a piece of art because of the way the liquid metal dances around and the sparks fly.

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