Snow In Our Yard

snow in yard
aprildawn in fur coat and snow in the background
nate in snow
view of snow from dinning room
view of snow from kitchen
aprildawn and nate
spring flowers in tree
cat in swing
Since my last post a few weeks ago, a lot has happened. Everything from having brunch at the amazing Biltmore Inn, to waking up to the prettiest winter wonderland! I have wanted to post about our girls trip, the snow, and the progress on our house but have been fighting a bad case of Lyme Disease. (You’ve just got to love the bugs we have in the south. Blah! Tongue Out… Thumbs Down!) Thankfully I am all healed up and free of the nasty stiff muscles, joint pain, terrible headaches, and fuzzy mind. Thank you YAHWEH!

So, as everyone who has ever had the privilege of visiting there knows, the Biltmore Estate is AMAZING! Even though it was still winter while we were there this time and the gardens weren’t overflowing with bright fragrant flowers, everything was still so beautiful. I very easily could live in this spectacular place–if only in a tent in the yard. We spent two days enjoying the house and grounds. Had brunch and took naps in the sun on the veranda at the beautiful Biltmore Inn on the hill. (Amazing coffee!)  My sis Hayden and I probably took a month’s worth of pictures. No matter how many times you visit you just can’t get enough photos.

If you live in or have ever visited South Carolina you know our seasons can surprise you, especially our winters. One day the weather will be pretty hot and the next you are wearing everything in your closet to keep warm. We don’t get very many snow days; and, we seem to be notorious for freaking out when we do. Our “snow day” this winter was so beautiful. Nate woke me up and pulled back the curtains to reveal a white glittering fluffy world. I chugged some coffee, grabbed my camera and heaviest fur, and the two of us set out to photograph the splendor. I’m glad we did, because not more than four hours later it was all gone and the temp was in the 60s. Winter to spring in the blink of an eye, yes, that’s how it’s done around here; nevertheless, I don’t think I have ever seen our snow disappear quite that quickly before.

Because we didn’t get a very cold winter all the bugs have been coming out in droves; and therefore, I got bit by a tiny tick. BLAH! I will tell you right now, one of the hardest parts was not to scratch the stupid spot. I think God gave our bodies the ability to make scabs just to teach us patience. It’s the smallest itchiest thing and very ugly, but you wouldn’t heal without it. You just have to let it do its thing.  I guess we can all learn from our tiny scabs. I soon realized, though, that this scab was a bit more than your normal booboo; and the doctor confirmed my suspicions with a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. Even so, with time and God, my scab has finally healed—because without Him nothing would ever heal.

Speaking of patience, with the weather flip-flopping and Nate having Fire classes and meetings it feels like we haven’t gotten to work on the house that much lately. But thankfully, it’s now *Springtime* and that means longer and warmer days, perfect for working on our home! Just last night I ripped the last of the old siding off and today we are starting to put the windows back in! I find myself dancing around busting at the seams with excitement! I just love seeing all the things that have been in my head coming to life so others can see it too.

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These are some of my favorite photos from our Biltmore trip. Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below:
aprildawn in biltmore inn
kate and sheranna in front of biltmore
aprildawn with mom and sister
hayden taking photos
biltmore flowers
biltmore greenery
biltmore dinning
biltmore table scapes
biltmore library
biltmore kitchen copper pans
sheranna in biltmore garden
hayden in biltmore garden
aprildawn in biltmore garden
lady laying in grass at biltmore for photo
aprildawn in babies breath at biltmore
kate and hayden mother and daughter
silly pose
aprildawn and sheranna at biltmore with sunset
aprildawn at biltmore
aprildawn at biltmore



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  1. My favorite photo is you walking down the corridor in your knitted dress. Just stunning. 🙂

    1. Thank you! 🙂 That was taken at the Biltmore Inn On The Hill. Such a pretty place!

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