Recycling Block

For our foundation wall we recycled cement block from the basement walls where the house originally sat. This was a lot of work, taking the walls apart and cleaning old morter off of them. We cleaned over 300 blocks in what felt like 200 degree weather. The last time I did this was for my parents house when I was 13, which so happened to be in the dead heat as well. I think I can now call myself a pro at this whole sweating till you wanna drop thing. LOL

My dad had some old block given to him years ago from a job where the people were just going to trash them. He said we could have a good bit of them; so, one day when Nate was at work I stacked 11 pallets full to surprise him. He was so happy with this because it meant we didn’t have to clean as many blocks as we would have without them. As of now, every block for our house is recycled.

Out of the excess of society we are making a home.

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2 Replies to “Recycling Block”

  1. Penny Preslar says:

    Are you keeping a list of how much all of this “would” have cost?

    1. Yes we are. And I am so thankful for how much we are saving! It makes the whole process a lot of work, but so worth it.

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