Prepping For Siding

It’s been very cold these past few days… then hot… then cold. That’s the south for you! I wish we could get a really good cold snowy winter. But, it kind of works out not having snow since we have started working on taking the old siding off of the house. We then have to pop the windows out because the people who built the house didn’t put flashing around the frames of the windows. Flashing is thin impervious material installed to prevent the passage of water into a structure.

There are a few places where we have to replace plywood because of water damage and the house splitting in two when it fell. Thankfully, my Great Uncle gave us some perfectly good plywood that was left over from a construction site and about to be thrown away—yet another great recycled item going into building our dream home!

Yes, that is me carrying a whole piece of plywood in my really old WHITE sweatpants. It was so cold that day and they were the only thing that would fit over the 3 other pair of pants I was already wearing (*embarrassed*). And, speaking of the plywood, a sheet really isn’t that heavy, weighing just under 50 pounds it is simply the size that makes it awkward to carry. Especially if it is windy! I remember the day my dad taught me how to pick up a whole sheet all by myself. I was 13 years old and thought I was the coolest because I could carry PLYWOOD! (LAUGHING SO HARD)

Another thing the original builders did that caused water damage was not putting house wrap for weatherproofing between the plywood and siding. So, it is actually a good thing the siding was in REALLY bad shape causing us to discover the problem. The house wrap is the plastic you see on the outside of the plywood. Our home will now be nice and protected underneath our beautiful siding. We are going to use smooth panel cement board for our siding. I will tell you all about that in another post.

There have been some really rainy cold Saturdays recently; on these days we have been working inside. The second the outside dries up we will be back out there working. Because of this, it is taking us some time to complete the prepping for siding.  It takes a little while to get the old siding off, take the windows out for flashing, change out the bad plywood, frame for new windows and doors, then weatherproof the house. But it is all worth it and is looking sooo good!!


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