We Painted Our House

As you have seen in the photos above and read in the title of this post, we painted our house! All the praise hands and heart eyes cannot describe my feelings about what was happening that amazing Saturday. And, in spite of the size of the job that had to be done, let me tell you it was a breeze thanks to the brilliant system my dad dreamed up, literally, the night before. We painted our house in a matter of four hours. Yes, you read that correctly—primer, paint, and two layers of top coat on the ENTIRE EXTERIOR of this 2,100 sq. ft. home in four hours!

It was a long and hard thought process for me when it came to deciding on what color to paint our house. I mean, I knew I wanted it white; but, do you know just how many whites there are to choose from? For about a day or two I looked over all the paint cards that I had brought home from our local Home Depot and Lowes stores—comparing them to our roof color, tossing out the ones that I obviously didn’t like in an effort to reduce my choices, and finally settling on what I thought was THE one. I think the color was called “Snow Caps” (or at least I remember it being something like that). But then the thought hit me, “This is crazy, I want white! I am just going to choose…WHITE!” So, we purchased and used Glidden Exterior White Base 2 Paint in a satin finish. Since it is made for the outdoors it will resist fading, peeling, and mildewing—according to its label. But first we primed all the walls with KILZ 2 Latex Primer in white.

It would have been less stressful to actually listen to my first thought than to have ended up with handfuls of options and face all of the confusion that came with sifting through the myriads of possibilities available; but, I guess, it was part of the process.

I am so grateful to have this family of mine while living in a place and time where, as long as we use our creativity and work hard, we can really accomplish making this house into our dream home!

Watch the video below to see just how we accomplished painting the house so quickly (along with a few clips of Nate pulling off some dance moves):

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  1. Perfect color choice and in future years you won’t have to struggle to remember the color when you must do touch-ups!

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