Meet The Family – UNNAMED

In today’s addition of “Meet the Family,” it is my pleasure to introduce you to someone who wishes to keep his identity off of “Spacebook, Instatube, and Twitgram.” So, I would like for you to meet my uncle, UNNAMED! He may or may not help us with our house, be 1/4th Cherokee Indian, have served […]

Snow In Our Yard

Since my last post a few weeks ago, a lot has happened. Everything from having brunch at the amazing Biltmore Inn, to waking up to the prettiest winter wonderland! I have wanted to post about our girls trip, the snow, and the progress on our house but have been fighting a bad case of Lyme […]

Framing And Weatherproofing

There has been a lot of taking walls apart, framing for new windows and doors, as well as weatherproofing the whole house. We have been flip-flopping from working outside to inside as the weather allows. This makes it feel like we are moving more slowly accomplishing projects because we have started several and are flipping […]