I meet you here at the start of our story. My name is AprilDawn and my husband’s name is Nate. We got married back in 2013 and are currently working on remodeling our house. I inherited some land on my family’s property and from the get go of our relationship we said we were going to build our dream house together.

We started saving money and right when we got married I excitedly drew up several different blueprints for building options. Then life hit. Nate has a heart condition and his doctors say he will need open heart surgery soon. So there went any money we had for building or buying.

As we were in the weeks of trying to work out a way to move out of my parents’ house and into a house of our own, my Uncle came up to Nate and asked him if we would like to have the 2,100 sq ft house on the land that he had just bought. The deal was if we could get it moved it was ours. So, no brainer, we said YES!!!!

We looked into different moving companies but it was going to be in the $10,000 range to have it moved.  For that amount of money we could build a tiny starter house, but it would be absolutely nothing compared to this amazing house we had just been blessed with. We just couldn’t spend that much money and then remodel. So, we moved it ourselves…

AprilDawn Anderson

Nate Anderson