It’s Nate’s Birthday!! – WOOD WORK

wood workToday is Nate’s BIRTHDAY!! I thought this would be the perfect time to show you some of his recent wood work.

He is so talented!! I just love his excitement every time he runs into the house to show me his newest creation. Everything he makes is so beautiful. (I may be a little biased.) And he is always coming up with new ideas. I am so blessed to have him as my husband!

I can’t wait to have our house ready to showcase all of his amazing work! The whole house is going to be a piece of art from his cedar beams, shutters, doors, and beds, to the little things like like jewelry boxes, lamps, bowls, vases, and little hearts he makes for me just because. (I love his little random gifts the most!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE!! I love you with everything I am!

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  1. Wow! His woodwork is beautiful!

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