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uncle unnamed
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In today’s addition of “Meet the Family,” it is my pleasure to introduce you to someone who wishes to keep his identity off of “Spacebook, Instatube, and Twitgram.” So, I would like for you to meet my uncle, UNNAMED! He may or may not help us with our house, be 1/4th Cherokee Indian, have served our country in the Navy, and love watermelon with a passion. He also may or may not hate any kind of comedy while just so happening to be one of the funniest people you could possibly meet. UNNAMED and I do however share a love for aliens and anything sci-fi; and, you will always find UNNAMED either working really hard or studying his Bible and writing. One thing that people may find most hard to believe about UNNAMED is that he is an amazing poet. And very prolific, having written dozens of poems—some that will make you cry, some that will make you think, and some that will make you laugh hysterically.

UNNAMED loves being in front of the camera, but then quickly tells you not to make him famous on the “Interwebs.” I asked UNNAMED how am I supposed to be able to tell the world about him and just how amazing he is? And that is when he donned a disguise and started dancing around saying, “Now the world will never know who I am, share all you want.”

My family has so many funny stories about UNNAMED, and I am sure I will be sharing some of those with you one day. But, for now, I will leave you with this poem he wrote.

Who am I, what do you care
I’m not what you came to see
You came to watch us build a house
Not to look at me
We build this house for AprilDawn
She’s pretty, sweet and smart
You know I’ve known her all her life
I’ve been there from the start
A place for her to start a family
She’ll give me another niece
I can’t wait till she is two years old

The fun will never cease


Thank you, UNNAMED, for all that you do. I wouldn’t change you for anything!!


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    Favorite post to date!

  2. Great job. I love it .

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