Meet The Family – Simon M. Catoe


Today’s MEET THE FAMILY, I would like for you to meet my brother, Simon. He is such a hard worker, goofball, adventure lover, and great entertainer. Not only did he help us SO much with moving our house, but he is also helping us with the remodel every chance he gets. As a matter of fact, you will always find him either helping his family, creating and building something new, or fighting fires for not just our community but for our city as well, since he is also both a paid and volunteer Firefighter. On top of that, he is a Heating and Air Technician for our dad’s company, Catoe Heating and Cooling, Inc.….Like I said, “Hard Worker!”

As you can see from the photos above, I have taken this opportunity to share with you some pictures of him from when he was the cutest little redhead you could ever meet. It also just so happens that he and his wife are currently expecting their first baby. Only time will tell if they will have a cute little redhead just like him; but my fingers are crossed that they do, because he was such a fun crazy little thing and I would just love to see that much happiness and energy running around again.

Thank you Simon for all that you do! I love you and wouldn’t change you for anything.

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4 Replies to “Meet The Family – Simon M. Catoe”

  1. I still see him coming quickly down to the room where the 18 of us were Scrapbooking, one shoe on and one in his hand telling us to get into the basement of the house because a tornado had been spotted. We listened!lots of rain and wind but no funnel cloud where we were. He’s a keeper. Congratulations to him on the upcoming birth of his first!

    1. I love that story!

  2. April, you do such a great job giving such accurate descriptions of your family members. I can tell that you put alot of thought into your words.

    1. Thank you Joyce!

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