Meet The Family – David


Meet The Family – David


In today’s addition of Meet The Family I would like to introduce you to Nate’s father David. Nate and I would like to take this time to thank him!

This post is written by Nate:

“My dad has been extremely supportive of AprilDawn and I; and this extraordinary challenge we have taken on. He has given up many evenings and weekends for the sole purpose of helping us. His love of God is amazing and he knew how much God loves all of us, so he was able to extend that same love and care to me throughout my entire life. It’s his faith in Christ that has lead me to be the person I am today.

Dad isn’t a young buck anymore but he can still throw a baseball harder than anyone just shy of the minor league. He stood behind and coached me thru years of baseball, basketball, soccer, football and golf. Our shared passion is hockey, GO HURRICANES! But down here in the south there aren’t many ice rinks around, so me playing hockey was out of the question. He spent most of his early years in Illinois, so he was able to play hockey as a goalie in college and his lightning reflexes are still as fast as ever. We love going to hockey games together, there aren’t many father-son duos in the south that would drive 4 hours to watch a Hurricanes game, but he’s worth going with.

Looking at the pictures above, it makes me smile to see my dad. I am so proud to be his son. I will forever be grateful to this amazing man, his patience and everything he has done for me. Dad, I can never thank you enough for being the wonderful father you have been to me. This year’s Hurricane’s game is on me!”