Laying The Foundation

FoundationCould the days get any hotter?? Other than the downpour of rain on the very first day of laying  the foundation, there weren’t too many clouds to give us relief from the extremely hot sun. Little did we know this would be the start of a 3 month drought. (It was bad!!)

These were long sweaty days fueled with lots and lots of iced coffee. As we stacked the recycled blocks it was really neat to see all the different colors. Even though they came from different torn down places, they all worked perfectly together as if they were brand new. We will eventually put fieldstone over them to give it a nice natural cottage look; but we will do this after we’ve move in. Nate is amazing at stonework, so I can’t wait to see what he does with the fieldstone.

Laying the block took us a few weekends because we are only able to work on the house on Saturdays; so, it takes a little while to get different things accomplished. By the end of each Saturday after cleaning block (which my mom helped with a lot—thank youuuu) then carrying block and mortar around in over 100 degree temps, I was so spent I could barely walk. On the last day of laying block I was carrying some of the final ones around to where Nate was and before I even knew it I had a nail all the way through my foot! NOOO!

After getting the most painful tetanus shot ever, I went back to the house to see the finished foundation walls. And they are SO amazing!! I have the most wonderful family! All the men did a fantastic job with the walls. Thank you, thank you!

Our next step is setting the house down. This means we will get to change the roof and then start the remodel! (Happy dance!!)


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