Ivory Tin Roof

Ivory Roof

Wanna talk about ways to workout your whole body and be sore for weeks? Well, putting a new IVORY TIN ROOF on a 2,100 sq. ft. house will do it for sure.

Our roof is steeper than most in our area, this made for a fun challenge. As we walked around on the old shingles we didn’t think it would be too bad. For the most part, the shingles gave us just enough grit to keep our feet from sliding out from under us. It was when we took the shingles off that we really started to realize just how steep our roof is. That was when we started to slip and slide all over the place.

On top of the steepness, there were a lot of soft spots that had to be fixed—as well as the big gap in the roof from when the house fell and almost split the structure completely in two. The soft areas were pretty easy to find. You would be walking along and all of a sudden it would feel like the roof just fell out from under you throwing you onto your backside; that’s when you knew you’d found one. All of our feet shot out from under us a few times; that is when the guys decided to tie themselves to me making it my job to pull them up and down the roof. This was fun, but very hard. If they fell or even moved in just the slightest wrong way it would whip me down to the roof. I ended up with some big bruises, ugh! But, thank God, no one got hurt; and, my doing this job helped the guys to get our BEAUTIFUL roof up way more easily and quickly!! They worked so hard and really did an amazing job!

So, I wanna give a BIG thank you to all of our family members who helped with this amazing IVORY ROOF! Even my Grandmother was out there working her little backside off. (She is the spunky little Cherokee woman you see in the photos <3.) I am so grateful for my Family. Nate and I are so blessed to have them; and, we know we couldn’t do this without them.




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