Installing Beams

As you can see from the photos above, we got the beams placed under the house! YAYY! In order to accomplish this we had to put cribbing under the house and bust out the rest of the cement block foundation then raise the house by jacking it up.

Jacking the house up was crazy! The house creaked, popped and jiggled. It was like living in a very intense movie… sitting under a 2,100 sq ft house that weighs about 48 tons. With every sound and jolt you hold your breath while your heart races so fast it is about fly out of your chest.

Nate’s heart condition means he is almost always tired, yet he works so hard. Between getting up before 5am to go to work and coming home to work on our house late into the night, he just never stops. (He is AMAZING!) When I described to him how jacking up the house made me feel, he said it literally made his heart hurt from all the adrenaline pumping through it. I thought my heart was going crazy; but, I can’t even imagine what he was experiencing.

With all of that said, we slept good after these crazy days! Talk about feeling like you accomplished something big… yet, the biggest task is still to come… MOVING THE HOUSE!!


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  1. Those Catoe men can do anything! Made my palms sweaty, just thinking of being under that house with it creaking and moving!

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