our house fell
Our hopes were high and nerves where shaky from feeling so much excitement as we got everything ready for the truck to take off pulling the house behind it. Then… our house fell. This was a hard thing to relive as I was writing today and especially as I was editing the video. In the photos you can see that the very front beam twisted and bent causing the house to fall and literally split in two.

It split so wide you could see the birds flying above and the clouds passing overhead while standing inside the house.  Walls came completely loose and cracks were everywhere as sheetrock came raining down. The porches twisted and all four corners of the house now sat 5 feet lower than the rest of the structure.

The video I shot is shaky, you can hear popping and breaking as you see it fall. Silence hit hard as everyone who was there watching the event stood still holding their breath. Some people left quickly, not knowing what could be done. But, we knew this was not the end… We are going to jack this house back up, brace the ceiling joists and walls back together and try again. WE ARE NOT GIVING UP!!


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  1. Oh no! Don’t give up! I’m so glad nobody was hurt.

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