Good Bye Beams

As exciting as the last POST was, there is still a lot of adventure to be had even though the house has now been moved. Today we take steps towards being able to level our home. Before we can lay the foundation walls we have to take some of the beams out from underneath it.

In order to take these beams out we had to jack up the house a good bit, making it sit higher than it ever has. This was kind of a crazy feeling, the house sitting like this on a tall windy hill. Living in the South it is really windy this time of year and only going to get windier as we come into hurricane season. We have to work fast to get hurricane straps on and the house lowered back down onto its foundation. We have worked way too hard just to have it blown off the hill!

We had some storms blow in while the house was in this position. But we were able to get hurricane straps connected to the house and the concrete foundation; and we prayed it would be enough without foundation walls. I would wake up in the middle of the night and look out the window towards our hill to make sure the house was still there. There were a few nights the storm was so thick you couldn’t see out of the window, I had to just trust God it was still there.

When the house FELL and split in two it ripped a large gap in the roof letting in the rain. Even though it felt like we had every tarp in South Carolina up there to keep water out, the storm was just way too strong and the living room all but flooded. Thankfully we were already planning to replace the floor and most of the sheetrock; we just have to add some of the studs and floor joists to the list.

I can’t say enough… WE MOVED OUR HOUSE!!

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