Garage Demo

Day One (of many to come) Demo Day!!  Interestingly, the original builders of the house put the garage on the wrong side opening into a bedroom.  Luckily, we had to remove the garage to be able to move the house.  Can you say Win Win!

It was hard to just demolish the garage and not save the materials to help with the remodel.  But we had a deadline for moving the house, and it had to go.  This was a sacrifice we had to make and I am okay with it because it means we get a whole house. A WHOLE HOUSE!!  I am just so happy we even get this opportunity to recycle… A HOUSE!!

Everything we can reuse we are putting to use.  You will get to see just how much we are able to recycle in my posts.  It is hard work, but so worth it.  Out of the excess of society we are making a home.



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