the before
recycle beams to move house
house move the fall
hose crossing road
house going up hill
nate and aprildawn standing in front of their 2,100 sq ft house they moved themselves

family goofing off in front of house
It’s EARTH DAY LET’S RECYCLE! And our reduce reuse recycle item is our HOUSE! We have been able to recycle so much and a huge shout out goes to all those who have helped us by keeping their eyes out for those amazing things people throw away daily. Like brand new plywood, masonry block, windows, beams, doors, nails, amazing barn wood, etc. One day I need to make a post of everything. (It will be long! )

I would like to encourage everyone to think before you trash. We are surrounded by so much we can reuse or give to someone who can. I’m not asking you to “go green” but hopefully I am inspiring you to be good stewards of this amazing earth God has entrusted to us. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to see the amazing things we can all come up with.

God made us in His image. He is a creator and an artist, simply take a look around. That means we have so much potential and ability to create some amazing things. And, we don’t have to spend endless amounts of money if we will only reuse and recycle—or “go green”…. How ever you wanna title it. Just go out and do it!

**Bonus spring photos from my personal Instagram just below the video of us moving our house OURSELVES!!!**




flower snowball
barn flowers
tree cat

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  1. Loving taking this journey with you and Nate? Thank you for sharing with us all!

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