Our Driveway

Exciting news! We have our very own DRIVEWAY! I just love everything about it, the length and curviness, the view of the beautiful rolling hills with horses and cows grazing and playing. (We have some new calves and they are the most adorable things playing together.) I especially love how the sun sets perfectly at the end of our beautiful driveway. It’s just like a fairy tale.

I can’t wait for spring so that I can take photos of the driveway with all the lush green grass on either side. Right now the grass is patchy and brown in places. Once spring hits, I want to plant as many wildflowers as I can for the honey bees. Our yard is nice and big like a field so I think it will be a perfect place to help our local honey bee population. Not to mention it will look beautiful in photos!

In the video below you can watch Nate making our driveway and also see a little of me wandering off. Nate was laughing as he watched me do lunges all the way down the driveway but only make it halfway back up before getting distracted by the animals. I mean, how can anyone ignore horses that are calling you over to pet them? I have tried… and never succeeded.


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