Cement Board Siding

Cement Board Siding

cement board siding

When it came to picking out the siding I wanted to put on our house it was a no brainer. Cement board may be heavy as all get out, but it is also the same fire grade as brick yet way quicker to install. It also just happens to be the look we are going for.

Cement board is just what it sounds like, boards made out of cement and fibers. It will last a very long time and, with the right kind of paint, our house will look amazing for years and years!

Working with cement board takes a team, like I said before, it is HEAVY! Each board, no matter what size it is, can break very quickly and easily if you don’t lift it the right way. Knowing that and just how pricey it is makes it a great workout on your muscles and nerves. Thankfully we didn’t break any! Praise hands! But if you compare this product to a cheaper siding option (which would not only take longer to install and paint, would require yearly maintenance, and then still wouldn’t last as long) you go with the cement board. The work is worth it and that high price becomes wayyy cheaper in the long run!

So, all in all, I am a fan of cement board siding. I’m going to say it again, CEMENT BOARD!

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