Basement Demo


((Demo Day 2)) To Do List!!

  1. My uncle will relocate trees so they will not be in the way of the house move.  (Remember we are saving everything we can.)
  2. Take stairs and earth away from the back basement wall so we can get equipment under the house.
  3. Bust through the basement wall.  (This was fun.)
  4. Load dirt under house to make ramp for beams and wheels.
  5. Rent packer and pack dirt ramp so that it can hold house weight.
  6. Haul wooden beams from shop to back of house for cribbing.  (Cribbing is a temporary wooden structure used to support heavy objects during construction.)

Not being much of a list maker, I tend to go with the flow sometimes making a list as it happens or even after the fact–if at all. In this case, I made a list with photos. (Now that I think about it, I guess most all my lists are kept in photo form.)  As you can see from the photos above we did accomplished a lot!

Nate, on the other hand, is great at list making.  I think it frustrates him at times how I just run around from this to that without a ‘To-Do’ list.  He is always asking me, “How can you think of so many things at once and remember all of it?” All I can say is, I really don’t know… it just works, and… Nate and I work perfectly together!

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