Ivory Tin Roof

Wanna talk about ways to workout your whole body and be sore for weeks? Well, putting a new IVORY TIN ROOF on a 2,100 sq. ft. house will do it for sure. Our roof is steeper than most in our area, this made for a fun challenge. As we walked around on the old shingles we didn’t think […]

Our Driveway

Exciting news! We have our very own DRIVEWAY! I just love everything about it, the length and curviness, the view of the beautiful rolling hills with horses and cows grazing and playing. (We have some new calves and they are the most adorable things playing together.) I especially love how the sun sets perfectly at the end of our beautiful driveway. It’s just like a fairy tale. […]

Laying The Foundation

Could the days get any hotter?? Other than the downpour of rain on the very first day of laying  the foundation, there weren’t too many clouds to give us relief from the extremely hot sun. Little did we know this would be the start of a 3 month drought. (It was bad!!) These were long sweaty days fueled with lots […]

Spring Water

We are fixing up one of the springs on my family’s property that they first tapped into in the 1830’s and then rehoused in the 1970’s. This is really exciting! I am so happy that we will have naturally cold spring water in our house. I love fresh spring water! We have to do this work at this point of the house […]

Recycling Block

For our foundation wall we recycled cement block from the basement walls where the house originally sat. This was a lot of work, taking the walls apart and cleaning old morter off of them. We cleaned over 300 blocks in what felt like 200 degree weather. The last time I did this was for my parents […]

Good Bye Beams

As exciting as the last POST was, there is still a lot of adventure to be had even though the house has now been moved. Today we take steps towards being able to level our home. Before we can lay the foundation walls we have to take some of the beams out from underneath it. In […]